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Default Re: I guess I'm a tad confused (regarding lossless audio)

Personally I am only interested in 6.1, and for gaming only. Surround is supposed to add ambiance to movies, and isn't really supposed to draw attention from what is being seen on the screen, otherwise it can be somewhat distracting. For that, 5.1 is sufficient IMO.

Games are a different story. With games you need to be able to use the surround speakers to be able to pinpoint the location of the sound, and it should have every bit of clarity in the rear as it does in the front. That said, IMO, it would probably be best to have a front left and right, with a center tweeter, and have the same configuration for the rear. While it could be beneficial to have some far rear speakers, you'd still want that tweeter in there somewhere IMO, pushing for an 8.1 setup if such a thing existed.

Unfortunately for us HT users, DDL doesn't do 6.1. Hopefully the Auzentech Prelude will include DTS support. (sounds like the developers are still undecided on that one)
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