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this what I found interesting in the article .

Dean McCarron, an analyst with Mercury Research, said benchmark results are valuable for graphics chip makers if they want to claim general bragging rights for the fastest chip. But the results hold little sway with the hard-core PC game players who make up the bulk of the customer base for high-end graphics chips

I guess 3dmark don't matter to hardcore gamers

I have never seen a single negative thing come out of Mercury Research. My guess is there paid "analysts for Nvidia

from there website
One of the industry's most quoted analysts, Dean A. McCarron, gained his national reputation for reliable -- and bankable -- microprocessor industry analysis as Vice President of Technology for In-Stat, with responsibility for technology content in the entire semiconductor research products portfolio. He has contributed to Microprocessor Report and OEM Magazine, and leads seminars on PC and chip markets.

We all remember Microprocessor Report don't we? Remember their editor-in-chief
Peter N. Glaskowsky
Who gave the NV30 the "Best Graphics Processor of the Years Award 2002" Strange considering it wasn't available.
Nvidia's Marketing and mass media manipulation is out of control and needs to be aborted.
It is going to be the death of the company if they don't smarten up.
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