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Originally posted by GNNR |AVault|
I think the other question is why does the NV35 perform well in games but not in 3DMark 03...
Because its shader performance is less than that of the R350, because 3Dmark03 is heavily geared towards shader performance and towards testing how hardware will / might perform in tomorrows games, not todays.

A lot of the posts I've been reading today from nVidia fans all seem to be saying that if nVidia is cheating, then ATI must be cheating too, to an even greater extent. That's pretty weak..

FM are gonna investigate ATI's 8% drop in Game4, there might be something shifty going on there, but otherwise ATI cards are performing well because they have hardware which closely follows the DX9 spec, and which doesn't need extra work put in to get it up and running.

3Dmark03, whilst not the best piece of coding around, closely follows the DX9 spec for shaders.

If you don't believe me about nV35's shader performance then check out this:

Unless ShaderMark is also conspiring against nvidia
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