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Is Giants the game with the cow and you get to teach it crap?
No, you mean Black&White.

or is it the game with a huge monster where you go around killin stuff?
Yes, last third of the game is played with One BIG Helluva Giant. IMO, it was the smallest fun (but still worth playing 4 times over&over) compared to Mecc and Delphi levels (played about 100 times over&over).

I stopped playing Giants after like the 2nd level where where you had to catch the smarties
I remember few people having problems with this level. I even remember some guy counting about 85 (!!!) caught Smarties, when he finally dropped it. There was some patch or something like that to fix that. I didn`t have this problem, however.

...not really fun to me
Well, different people, different tastes... I personally like this level very much ! I especially appreciate the challenge to catch all 4 smarties so that nobody falls into the water ! (Yes, it is possible with a bit of luck). Also the sense of physics here plays big role.
As for this level, the intro is very funny ("...wax models of hanging smarties."). I`ve been laughing at this 50 times at least. ( I think that developers had to be drunk or damn high to compose such brilliant dialogs).

The only mistake of this game is that there`s only one building mission for Meccs :-( Although Delphi building missions are cool too (especially the snow one). But the one of Meccs gives soooo many choices of finishing, that even now after two years of playing this mission over&over I still find some new ways of playing it.

Seems to me that Giants is the first game in last 7 years that have been played by me as much as Magic Carpet 1 (anybody still remembers it ?). Magic was damn tough (esp. last 4 levels), but that was the ONLY game that gave me THE SATISFACTION that my enemies (other magicians) were annihilated.
Sweet memories...
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