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Somewhere way back on page 1 or 2 I had posted about my maximum screensize being halved. NEver did find out why that happened. I uninstalled the 40's and went back to whatever i was using before, 29.42 i think. Thing was, the bug was still there. So i had no idea what It was all about. If i wanted to I probably could have put massive chunks of my day into fixing it, but a clean OS install was an easier way. 1 hour later I was back up with XP running and everything installed. I have most of my stuff backed up on another drive so the core OS can just be reinstaled easily. Problem fixed this time. i have the whole screen to work with again.

GeForce3. The celeron 566@953 showed very little increase in any of the hi-poly scenes in 3dmark2k1SE, but low-poly's increased a tad. NAture demo went from 17 to 33fps though!! that's nearly 100% I'm sure not too many of my games will improve THAT much since my cpu is a huge bottleneck, but i'll take what I can get.
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