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Originally posted by Humus
A question that was already asked and answered in this thread. Basically, 3dmarks depends a lot on pixel and vertex shader 2.0 functionality. This is not used in current games, but will be at some point in the future. The NV3x hardware simply is way slow at ps2.0.

3dmark2003 barely use PS2.0/VS2.0 as much as 5%?

the reason ATI perform so well and
NVidia not is because 3dmak2003 = (is the selection of ati best test in 3dmark2001)
Ps1.4/SIngle texturing/ ridiculous use of VS.. where ATi hardware
feels at home.. but at the same time lack of MUltitexturing test /and PS1.x
were ATI cards generally slower.. because both companies
have a diferent vision for the design of their hardware,but FUture mark
does everything so conveniently for ATI cards..
first generation of NV3x cards (not Nv35) are slower at PS2.0 than ATI but only at using 128bits.. ATi is faster obviously for rendering less..
while Nvidia does 32bits higher that the precision used by ATI in 3dmark.
means 3dmark2003 is not an apples vs apples benchmark ,
as many gamers think .and Futuremark fail to inform the public about this ,
when the benchmark show the scores .

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