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Default Re: Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by JemyM
For some reason the game is completely unplayable for me.

Im sure im reaching the bottom requirements, still the sound begins to lag in the intro (every 2 seconds it gets silent, like in extreme lag). Then when Lara and the Menu pops up, the sound continues to lag and I can barely move the menu up and down.

Other games like Two Worlds works fine in the highest resolution.
WTF are you talking about bottom requirements? is this a joke?! LMAO You dont need SLI'D 8800GTX's in order to run a game developed on the PS2.

I also have SLI'D 8800GTX's and I run this game with 16QXAA, 16XAF and all maxed settings at 1680X1050 and my FPS is 175-300FPS.

Bro you dont have something or the other set up correctly. Plain and simple.
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