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Default Re: Post your HDTV displays here

Originally Posted by Pixelsmack
I use a Optoma HD72 ceiling mounted projector. It's 1280x768 (does 1280x720) for HDTV and DVDs that are upscaled. (either via my PC or DVD player)

It is one of the best projectors, at it's price, for HD 720 content. Deep and dark blacks, vibrant color, sharp and crisp even at the 100" projection I do.

I use it daily as my PC monitor too; it's bright enough. It uses an active iris to control brightness, hence why it has such good blacks when needed.

Playing the latest games at 100" and in THX Ultra sound is just an all encompassing blast I must say.
Same situation here, only using the HD70 instead of the 72. I'm totally pleased with the setup, and since it accepts component over the VGA connector, I've got a custom switch box to flick between my component and VGA sources. (The VGA cables let me make a long run without the ghosting caused by my RG6 component cables.) I'm also using a Pioneer audio decoder ran into my band's PA system. 5.1 surround (with 4 subwoofers) at over 2000 watts.
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