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Originally posted by Nv40
the reason ATI perform so well and
NVidia not is because 3dmak2003 = (is the selection of ati best test in 3dmark2001)
Ps1.4/SIngle texturing/ ridiculous use of VS.. where ATi hardware
feels at home.. but at the same time lack of MUltitexturing test /and PS1.x
were ATI cards generally slower.. basically you're saying a benchmark designed to test gfx cards for their ability in future games should use PS1.1 and avoid using VS ..?

That reminds me, hey everyone:

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Originally posted by Nv40
because both companies have a diferent vision for the design of their hardware,but FUture mark
does everything so conveniently for ATI cards..
..or maybe ATI have cards that are better at processing shaders?
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