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LOL, I wish I'd seen that [H]ard thing before it was pulled... is it still up and reworded? If so, please link to it... o.o; I didn't see it myself... Also Tom's has a little more of a blurb on it now... following the official comments by both ATI and NVidia... but again they are only sideboard articles... I look forward to Lars' updated review... and to see his comments on the issue.

Also... vampireuk (XD I know another UK 'vampire'... with the hand darkprophetUK btw)... it is misleading to say ATI cheated at this point... they have released a statement saying that they did not change the code output at all... and are removing the content from future drivers... I'd still like to see Futuremark's view on what they did... but at any rate they have been MUCH more frank about this than NVidia.
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