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Default Re: *NIX Prodigal Son

I'm doing an installation of Ubuntu 7.04 right now. And things look to be installing okay, but I'm getting the dreaded Grub Error 17 when I reboot after installation.

The drive I'm installing Ubuntu onto is a SATA drive, and in my research of the problem, I'm seeing a lot of issues with Error 17 and SATA installations. This is not a dual boot installation either; it's a staight up Linux install. So, I've printed a 60 page Grub "manual" and am in the process of figuring out this problem.

Currnet BIOS boot order is CDROM first and HDD second, and this is not being changed after install. I'll be reviewing the Grub manual and checking the Grub configuration. That's gotta be where this problem is occuring.

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