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Originally posted by Slappi
Something that has me troubled is this: NV35 performs on par with the R9800pro in all games for the most part. A LOT OF GAMES. So why does ATI cards beat nVidia cards in 3DMark?!? Doesn't make sense to me.
Well, could it be that Nvidia has an aggressive developer relations program that will help developers work around the issues in the NV3x architecture?

Or perhaps there just aren't really that many DirectX 9 titles out just yet to really tell how the NV35 will perform in "real" applications.

Clearly there are some limitations in the NV3x architecture and if a developer fails to workaround them then that could hinder the performance of the card.

The question is should an independent benchmark take a particular hardware acrhitectures limitations into consideration? As long as the benchmark conforms to the API that it is testing then I don't think the benchmark is to blame for hardware limitations causing poor performance.
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