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Originally posted by Nv40
3dmark2003 barely use PS2.0/VS2.0 as much as 5%?
the reason ATI perform so well and NVidia not is because 3dmak2003 = (is the selection of ati best test in 3dmark2001)
Ps1.4/SIngle texturing/ ridiculous use of VS

(stuff deleted)

while Nvidia does 32bits higher that the precision used by ATI in 3dmark.
It was Nvidia's choice to NOT implement PS1.4 support, right? Is PS1.3 really going to be all that much faster than PS1.1? So using PS1.1 doesn't seem to be a bad thing for Nvidia.

Also, it was Nvidia's choice to use FP16/FP32 and not FP24, right? So Nvidia is to blame if it FP32 makes the NV3x slower.

So really it seems that it was Nvidia's design choices that appear to be crippling their performance.

And if you look the NV3x seems to perform poorly in PS2.0 tests unless you use Cg optimized shaders so having more of it would most likely hurt Nvidia.
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