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Default Re: Understanding OCing the 8800

It is because it DDR. Double Data Rate.

One way to think of it is having a one lane highway (sdram) vs a two lane highway (ddr).

In the one lane highway you have 1 car going 100 mph carrying information a distance. But in the two lane high way, you have 2 cars going 100 mph each carrying information. They are still traveling the same speed, but the two lane highway will transfer twice the data than the single lane in the same amount of time. Effectively running twice the speed as the one lane highway.

An intel cpu is quad pumped meaning it has 4 lanes. The FSB for that is the fsb x 4. (ie 266fsb x 4 gives you an effective fsb of 1066mhz)

So 1000mhz x 2 gives you an effective speed of 2000mhz.

Thats not exactly how work it works, but a very simple way to think about it.

P.s. I think you can change the core and shader clocks individually by flashing the bios. Not sure though, haven't tried it.
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