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Default Random freezes on Fedora 7

I have been attempting to use the proprietary nVidia drivers since I put together this laptop. First, the hardware specs:

ASUS ASMobile Z62Jm
14.1" 1280x800 screen
Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 2.0 GHz 4MB L2 Cache
nVidia GeForce Go 7300 128MB dedicated/256MB total shared VRAM
120GB Western Digital SATA hdd
2 GB (1GB x 2) 533MHz OCZ Value Series DDR2 RAM
Intel 3945abg Pro Wireless PCIE card

Fedora 7 x86_64
Windows XP Pro

Windows works absolutely fine graphics wise...

Fedora 7, on the other hand, has problems...
Whether I use either the nVidia installer or the Livna packages, I get the same problem: random freezes for no apparently reason while attempting to do something. This "something" can be anything from booting Fedora to opening menus in GNOME (although it usually boots)--I once even got the 3D game Scorched3D to run fine for a while and Beryl to work. But just about every time, everything will freeze--except the mouse. Screen shows no other activity, Ctrl-Alt-Backspace does nothing, and neither does Ctrl-Alt-F6 or F7.

Sometimes, it comes out of the freeze and shows one of the processor cores having run at 100% (50% total CPU load) load for a while, and when it unfreezes load goes back down to normal. Other times, I will wait a few minutes and if nothing happens, I will simply press the power button.

I have tried the following fixes:
1. idle=poll kernel argument - no effect
2. Downgrading and upgrading kernel and driver version, Fedora 6 and 7, Livna or drivers - no effect
3. acpi=off noapic kernel argument - no effect
4. Using "nv" driver - works perfectly except no 3D rendering

Does anyone have any other suggestions I can try before I (sadly) give up?
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