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Originally posted by Grrrpoop
[b]Yes, R3x0 is so bad they developed the entire STALKER engine on it before nVidia jumped in to steal the credit. No doubt it will run terribly. Btw that wooshing noise going past your left ear was a clue. I suggest you give chase

Simply ,because the R300 was faster than the fastest card
of Nvidia by that time ,which was ->Geforce4.
and because the R300 was a directx9 card , the game will use
PS2.0/Vs2.0/ and maybe VS/PS+.
But when they GOt the Nv30 ,they switched again ,
1) it was the faster card.
2)to play with the EXTRAS.. that the Nv30 offer..

same with Idsoftware..

its funny to see your "better engineering" not doing the extra ,
where it really matters -> in the games of the future..
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