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I'm kind of curious as to why Rage have not posted about the ati "cheating" bit...
thats really funny..

Becuase what ATi did, was not Cheating. What Nvidia Did WAS cheating. Application detection is not wrong. Its what you DO with the application detection. In fact if all NVidia did was Reorder a few Shader instruction while changing nothing else then they would be Guilty of nothing But *OPTIMIZING* as well.

Ultimately if you want to call ATi cheaters to thats fine. But i find it LAUGHABLE that you peope want to FOCUS on 1.9% score change V.s a 24% change. Here is a scripture for you.

Do not worry about the *Splinter* in your brothers eye, when you have a *PLANK* in your own eye. Remove the *PLANK* from your eye, then you will see clearly to remove the *Splinter* from your brothers eye.

Further, Rage DID post the article on the front page and link to it. Its there for anyone to read, and the whole issue INCLUDING what ATi did is being discussed on the forums. And its one hell of a lot more technical and accurate than the Discussions here.

Many of the people at this site have completely lost any sembelance of reality, logic, or common sense.
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