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Default Stereo beyond Quadro for GNU/Linux

I have a Geforce FX 5500, and as the readme for the 100.14.09 GNU/Linux release says, stereo is only supported on Quadro. I was able to confirm this with the SDL library failing to set a fullscreen videomode when SDL_GL_STEREO is specified, and besides, glxinfo doesn't report anything about stereo even though Option "STEREO" "1" is in xorg.conf.

As others have mentioned if you do a search here, its a shame that this card/driver works under WinXP for stereo yet is restricted to Quadro on GNU/Linux. My question is, now that the drivers are being unified with the new version numbering is it out of the question for more support with stereo?

Perhaps also, driver details for this portion of the nvidia architecture could be released as free software, along with hardware specifications that cover the stereo aspect. Then the community could get to work on tests and verification to ensure that these aspects continue to work. I think if nvidia were to take the step away from propriety, doing it piecemeal and starting here might be the way to go.
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