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Default Re: With 100.14.09 Cedega shows a black screen

(x64) after upgrading to latest I had the black screen problem in wine and cedega too. that, and doom3 was segfaulting too. yet neverball worked right. in dmesg I had some NVRM message about API mismatch, as if I had 1.0.9755 userland with 100.14.09 kernel, yet I was absolutely sure that both were right. In the end, it was only 64 bit userland that was updated, while 32-bit (lib32-nvidia-utils under archlinux) was lagging behind at 1.0.9755. rebuilt lib32 package and updated, and shazam, it works.

so, I'll recommend to check that you don't have some 9755 files left over, and take appropriate action.
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