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Default Re: Nvidia Crashing With Fedora 7 User Switching

Before I open a new thread/bug with Fedora (there seems to be a strong possiblity this is not an nvidia problem at all), could ANYONE who's having the same problem (X crashes completely when switching to console with Ctrl+Alt+F1 and back again with Alt+F7, or using multiple X servers switching back and forth) confirm that the crash ONLY happens when sound is in play. I believe this is only happening to me when I have rhythmbox open and playing or paused (if i haven't yet played anything the crash does not occur).

Using this I've been able to replicate the crash over and over, or have it work fine with no sound in the picture. WIll test other applications with sound as well soon. Also, I've been able to replicate the problem with the nv driver, so I'm getting very sure this is not an nvidia problem at all.
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