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Originally posted by CaptNKILL
Ok, so Doom 3 is the next step in graphics, I mean, it pretty much represents the future of graphics AND it uses PS2.0. Few will disagree there.


How is 3dMark2K3 an accurate representation of "future" games if the NV35 is CLEARLY the best card for Doom III, yet a "poor" performer in 3dMark2K3?
Umm doom3 doesn't use PS2.0 actually doom 3 doesn't use PS at all becuase IT IS OPENGL TWIT.

Next doom3 doesn't use the ogl similar features to that of PS2.0 except in the ARB2 and Nvidia special NV_extensions. Now if you go for the offical not the Nvidia special PS2.0 equalivant then doom3 is about 50% slower on the NV30 compared to the 9700s.
NV35 beats the r350 in doom3 when it uses it special function I don't know how it affect quality but good on Nvidia there but other then that its not good news for them.
I come from planet viper days so don't call me noob. I own 2 nvidia cards and one ati card so don't call me biased.
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