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Originally posted by The Baron
Not for a benchmark it doesn't.

If you replace a part of a benchmark with your own creation in order to improve your scores for the benchmark, no matter how crappily the benchmark is coded for whatever architecture you're using, you're corrupting the benchmark. Plain and simple.

For a game? Sure. I'm ALL FOR IT. But for a benchmark? No. Otherwise, you'd have to be dependent on a driver team to optimize for every game on the planet in order to get similar performance.
First is this cheating
Var a=1;
Var b=2;

changed to by drivers
Var a=1;
Var b=2;

In a game the answer is 100% NO. No quality loss nothing wrong looks exactly the same just extra speed if it can run those instructions faster in that order. In a benchmark it is questionable that is why ATI are removing it.

Nvidia on the other hand it doesn't look the same the quality there for can't be compared its not how it was ment to look what happend if ATI made everyone pixel shader blank would you say thats fair and fine?.
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