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Default Confused with resolution output

I have a samsung 42Q7HD which as I understand has a maximum resolution of 1024x768 (which i think is pretty pants and wish i had seen this before i bought it)

What i don't understand is how i can have my xbox at 720p or 1080i but not my PC with a new 8800GTX card in it. Is this because of the connection? Currently it is a DVI to a SVGA adapter which i imagine would make the difference.

So what im asking really is if i get a DVI to HDMI adapter, plug it into the TV through that, does that fool the TV into thinking it's something else and display a higher resolution? Or would it still be determined by my PC drivers. Bit confused about the whole thing!

Also, would it load up the screen automatically through HDMI? or would i have to load it up and then tell it to output it my TV?

Many thanks, sorry for the noob question!

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