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Default Re: Confused with resolution output

Over an SVGA input the best resolution you're going to get is 480i. So you're not getting anywhere near the best picture you could have, if you're using that input. I've never heard of a DVI to SVGA adapter though. I'm not sure why anyone would go that route.

Yes, you could use a DVI->HDMI cable from your PC to your TV. It should show up on the screen just fine, though you may have to designate the TV as the primary display if you have a dual monitor setup. Using a DVI->HDMI cable you could output a 720p resolution. As was already mentioned you'll need to adjust for overscan. The 160.03 drivers are the only current non-hacked drivers that allow that adjustment in XP or Vista. I haven't tried the recently released 160.04 drivers but more than likely they permit overscan adjustment as well.

Give the DVI->HDMI cable a shot and if you have any more questions feel free to ask them in here.
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