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How is 3dMark2K3 an accurate representation of "future" games if the NV35 is CLEARLY the best card for Doom III, yet a "poor" performer in 3dMark2K3?
Heh, best at "medium quality" settings in doom3. The only site that tested at "high quality" settings actually shows the cards pretty much on par at those settings with the 9800 winning 2 of the 3 tests. That is with the 9800 only using 128megs of it's 256megs of memory. Are you going to pay $500 to play a game at "medium quality" settings?

Originally posted by Grrrpoop
[b]Yes, R3x0 is so bad they developed the entire STALKER engine on it before nVidia jumped in to steal the credit. No doubt it will run terribly. Btw that wooshing noise going past your left ear was a clue. I suggest you give chase


Simply ,because the R300 was faster than the fastest card
of Nvidia by that time ,which was ->Geforce4.
and because the R300 was a directx9 card , the game will use
PS2.0/Vs2.0/ and maybe VS/PS+.
But when they GOt the Nv30 ,they switched again ,
1) it was the faster card.
2)to play with the EXTRAS.. that the Nv30 offer..
Nv40, you ever stop to think that that are using the nv30 now because the HAVE to. They have to so they can jerry rig the game to run decently on the nv30. If they leave standard dx9 calls in there the nv30 will tank.

If you design a game adhering to dx9 specs without tailoring to any one card, the r300 will run it better. You will need to tweak the engine to get it to run at the same level on an nv30 board. Those "EXTRAS" that the nv30 offer are nothing but EXTRA programing headaches to get it to run acceptably.

Same thing with doom3. The r300 runs the standard ARB path great. It will actually use the standard arb path. When the nv30 runs on the STANDARD arb path it is HALF as fast as the r300. It NEEDS a specialized path to run at an acceptable framerate. The specialized nv30 path IS of lower quality than the Standard path. Period. Who has the better engineering again?

So how is the r300 a better engineered card again? It's better engineered because game developers don't have to spend extra time to write specialized paths to get it to run at a decent level.

Just think, if Carmack didn't have to take the extra time to develop specialized paths for the nv30 Doom3 may have been out by now. Of course the nv30 would run it like hell so I'm sure you should be glad he's spending the extra time.

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