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Default GeForce 8600

After installing the latest drivers for my NVidia card I enabled the multi-monitor support. It was really great, but having full screen expand to both monitors was kind of annoying. So I thought I would try the Separate X-Screen option. When I did that it told me I had to reboot X. I did and was flung back to just one monitor, with my second one disabled. When I try to enable it I only get 800X600 for my resolution for the second monitor. When I try to make it the left monitor (instead of the right monitor) my computer locks up, only allowing me to move the mouse around. Even ctrl+alt+F1 doesn't work.
I have reinstalled the drivers with no luck. I can't go back to one single desktop across both monitors.
I have also lost the cube function. I can switch screens but it just does the regular move to another desktop. The other desktops do not have menus on the top and bottom, and sometimes the whole computer, sans the mouse, crashes. ARgh!
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