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Heck with 60% of the market I see why.
Nvidia just did not match there PS up with futuremarks it seems.

Again. Nvidia did not match there PS up with the DX standard. This has nothing to do with Futuremark. Quit blaming futuremark for Nvidia's poor decisions.

How long do you think that 60% is going to last with these types of shenanigans? Market share doesn't change overnight. More and more of that market share is going to slide over to ATI. Do you really think developers will like having to write special code to get nv30 cards to perform acceptably with dx9 shaders? No doubt some of them will do it. They won't like spending the extra time that could be used to do other things, but they will do it. Not all will though. The more r300 cards ATI sell, the less developers will be willing to go out of there way to optimize for Nvidia. And ATI has been selling a heck of a lot of r300's. With the type of attitude Nvidia has showed lately, I'm sure more and more people will have ATI cards in there machines.

I'm using a 9700 now, but if ATI was using the tactics Nvidia has been using you can rest assured I wouldn't have it in my machine.

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