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Originally posted by jAkUp
lol nvidia does... they just say they dont. why do you think they spent the time to optimize for it?? not to mention winning in 3dmark03 is a very big deal because alot of consumers go by that.

trust me.. thousands of dollars is nothing to nvidia. they would of done it if they felt their hardware accomodated it nicely... and at that time the nv30 and 3dmark03 did not agree

you have not answered my question JAck...

Nvidia can be millionaire ,but their money ,will not be invested in
things they dont believe..

so i ask YOU ,would you pay for something say $1 dollar or 1 million ,even if you have the money ,if you strongly feel
you dont have to do it ,for X,Y,Z reasons ,because it benefits
Nothing you ,and because you dont believe in it.?

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