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Originally posted by jjjayb
Not if I knew I had millions of gullible people out there that believed every line I fed them. It's not about the money Nv40. It's about them looking bad because their card runs dx9 shaders poorly. They were in the beta program for most of the development process. They didn't have a problem with it until they got their nv30's and saw how poorly it ran. They chose the only option they thought they had. Denounce the benchmark that shows this. They can't exactly denounce it if they're still a beta member can they?

and who have say it about money?

it because NVIDIA believes they DONT HAVE TO PAY.
and support something they dont agreed,or believe.
Microsoft is Billionare ,but that doesnt means they have to support
every one who ask $$$ to test their products ,in a test they
Dont believe. for X,Y reasons ..

dont you think is possible ,that Nvidia knows something about
3dmark2003 that you dont ? yes thats impossible.. i know.
but lets say you are the president at Nvidia
and lets say Nvidia is right ..about 3dmark in their claims
of ineficiency and biassed for other cards of the benchmark..
(i know we already have the guarantee of journalists about 3dmark reliability and integrity) beta-members of Futuremark.. BTW.

but lets suppose this is true. and that by accident or coincidence
Nvidia is right about 3dmark+ATI conpirancy.
(again, i know multibillionare companies in Busines$$ ,will
never take an oportunnity ,in an unfair way ,to decrease the sales of another one .. ) just ask microsoft.
so the question is ,Would you still pay Hundreds of thousands dollars for something you dont believe?

the answer is -> NO
but the opposite ,you will warn the public about the benchmark.
and will discredit it ,as a reliable test for their cards.

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