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Default Re: crazy colors! 100.14.09 with 8600m on macbook pro

I'm having similar problems with 100.14.09 on a 17" MacBook Pro with the hi-res option (1920x1200 display). The display shows a rainbow pattern at the GDM prompt (different than the one the original poster is seeing, though, mine's less symmetric) and the problems continue once I'm logged in. I get a similar effect when using a Dell 2405FPW plugged into the external DVI port.

I'm using Debian unstable for x86-64 and the 2.6.21 Debian kernel. I haven't tried the mactel patches yet, but I doubt they'll make any difference.

I've attached the output of I've tried disabling all of the Device section options for the "nvidia" driver to no avail. I also tried explicitly disabling the Composite extension; same result.

Aaron, I built the nv driver from the git repository and tried that, too. With XAA enabled, if I use a hardware cursor, the cursor is drawn properly but the GDM prompt is corrupt. If I use a software cursor, the cursor is corrupt as well. With EXA enabled, the cursor is not visible (whether hardware or software), but the GDM prompt is rendered correctly until I begin typing my username and password; those glyphs are corrupt.

Once I'm logged in and my GNOME desktop is displayed, I get similar results whether I'm using XAA or EXA. The background and GNOME panel are rendered properly, including the menu header text on the panel, except for a slight "tearing" on the bottom of the GNOME panel. However, once the desktop icons are rendered, the rendering begins to decay: neither icons nor menus display properly. (The effect is hard to describe, but icons look like they're interlaced with each scan line shifted left or right by a few hundred pixels or so.) Interestingly enough, if I drag-highlight on the root window and then release the mouse button, the root window redraws (mostly) correctly.

I also tried the git nv driver with the Dell 2405FPW and got an exact mirror of the built-in display problems on the Dell.

I've attached the Xorg.0.log files for each of the "nv" configs I tried.

Hope this helps. I'd really like to get at least the "nv" driver working ASAP.

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