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have you ever read ,when JC told.. "i have already reached the limits of R300" not in the Nv30. did you know that NVdia hardware PS/VS is a hair
close to microsoft PS/VS 9.1?
The question is, Have you read it? Actually, I'm sure you have. But, Do you understand it?

Quote from john carmack:

For developers doing forward looking work, there is a different tradeoff --
the NV30 runs fragment programs much slower, but it has a huge maximum
instruction count. I have bumped into program limits on the R300 already.

This is not with code that is actually going into the game. With the instruction lengths he was using it would run like a slideshow on the nv30.
By the way, have you looked at the 9800? It actually allows for MORE instructions than the nv30 or the nv35. It is a hair and a half closer to ps/vs 9.1 than the nv30 and the nv35 ;-)
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