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Originally Posted by Gusar
Do you know this for a fact? Can you provide some links? Wouldn't surprise me if it's actually true, I would just like some confirmation.
The whole "content protection" scheme that HDCP is a part of is based on "trust" of the entire path between the producer and the eyes of the viewer. It can only prevent copying of content when there is no component in the entire chain that allows you to make a tap of the plaintext information.
That is why drivers have to be validated and signed, so you cannot just install a video driver that copies everything to a diskfile instead of sending it to the display.

In an open system where everyone can modify applications and drivers, there is no such trust (in the eyes of the producers) and thus it will never be allowed, IMHO, license HDCP and other content protection on them, or to use licenses obtained by hardware manufacturers (for the purpose of implementing drivers for trusted, closed, systems) to implement HDCP and related things for Linux.

The manufacturers are well aware, and they are reminded all the time, of the fact that content protection in an environment where there is no direct communication between the consumer's equipment and systems maintained by the producer will always be based on "security by obscurity" and "trust of the entire chain". This inevitably means total control.
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