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Originally posted by imtim83 oh my god my score just about increased 1000 points!!!!!! I was getting 100 fps in nature at some points now!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god!!!!!!!! oh my god!!!!!!!! The lowest in nature i got was like 53 fps but most of the time 60 to 80 fps. I am like amazed that these drivers increased my nature fps and the other game demos of 3dmark2001SE pretty much. Espically nature. I mean heck i never even got close to 100 fps ever. And then i did!!!!!! I know 3dmark2001SE is just a benchmark tool but still oh my god!!!!! Now let me go try out FSAA and AF performence speed now, and real games i play!!!!
Yep, improvements in benchmarking-software is the greatest, isn't it? I mean, none of us uses these expensive 3D-cards to PLAY GAMES right? We just use 'em to run 3DMark.
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