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Question PS2 scaling problem on Samsung LCD 32" 16:9

I use 3rd party good quality component cables. I understand that the tv does some kind of upscaling or upconverting of 480i signals to 720p. When I play older non-progressive scan games like Gran Turismo 3 and Killzone the entire picture is jagged and nasty looking. When i run games that do support progressive scan but leave it off, the picture looks fine (no jaggies). Its the same scaling issue that the PS3 is having with ps2 games. What i am trying t figure out is what is the source of the problem. Is it the game itself? The way my TV is handing the signal, which i doubt because certain non-progressive games dont have the problem. Oh and when i use svideo cable the jaggies go away. please any input would be great. thanks.
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