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<<<<I am interested in what the Nvidia Linux Advantage is>>>

Trust me, the nvidia advantage if you are going to run binary non free drivers is that their stuff works, and it works well, and it works consistently.

Just wait a bit for the driver that supports your card to come, and it will be supported for a long, long time.

I have not yet seen nvidia drop support for any card our users run, and some of those cards go pretty far back. And they maintain that support, with their two different legacy drivers, their current driver, and even quad drivers.

nVidia drivers are easy to install, their stuff is reliable, and they don't break just because some trivial event like xorg numbering changing from 7.x to 1.x happens. nvidia guys run real Linux, they seem to care that their stuff works, they interact with their users, they test their stuff, they do beta releases, their development process is sensible and seems to work.

Our users had NO ati driver support for 1 and half months recently, not a single working driver. They started selling their ati cards, and are almost all buying nvidia if they want 3d stuff and binary run drivers.

With ATI you can look forward to bad drivers, slow drivers, broken drivers, drivers failing on kernel upgrades, patches to support new kernels, and all just to end up with what is essentially a sad piece of junk, that runs your bright and shiny card a fraction of the speed it can run at, with no composite type support anywhere on the horizon, pathetic, essentially non existent user support, and no signs of that changing any time in the near future.

And no I don't work for nvidia, or have any connection to them, but I do support a lot of users, and there is no comparison at all between the quality of nvidia's work and ATI's. Try even FINDING an ATI person to listen to your question, you might get to talk to one after signing an NDA, if you're lucky, but then they'll just lie to you anyway.

With all that nice stuff said, linux users who don't need advanced 3d should take a serious look at intel stuff for onboard mobo driven graphics, there is just no beating having native free and open xorg drivers long term. Oddly enough, the only place ATI is worth anything is on their older cards, 9250 and lower, then you can get nice new xorg ati stuff that works pretty well. But that's no thanks to ATI.
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