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Originally Posted by pe1chl
Probably yes. But the X.Org server, the kernel, the video player all don't.
Even a binary driver (and the Nvidia driver not even is not all binary, there are interface modules that are delivered as source and compiled on the system when installed) can be modified e.g. to skip certain checks.
Agreed and I am not saying a full HDCP chain is possible today on Linux but that should not stop me from outputting full-res HDCP encrypted DVI signal. Consider a Set Top Box equivalent using PC hardware. There are alternate means of securing the content inside the box, I want to force the graphics card to add HDCP on the output... I should be able to do it.

Originally Posted by pe1chl
This is true for other systems as well, and that is why content protection has always failed until now. But recent versions like Vista have the capability to accept only signed drivers and other signed software and verify that an entire chain of sofware is untampered before working.

There is no such capability in Linux, and even if it would be added it would only be advisory in nature. For example, a banking application could verify that no trojans are present in its environment and present that information to the user to increase his trust in the program before inputting data.
For things like content protection this is less useful as it can be ripped out whenever the user likes so.
I am not familiar with XP but drivers on XP seems to support HDCP and AFAIK XP does not have PVP/protected mode etc.

In my application I am able to secure the content on the PC platform using alternate means... the weak link is player to display signal connection. I am simply trying to use HDCP there. If putting this in the driver is an issue maybe NVIDIA could release a binary that force enables HDCP on the output.
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