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Default Re: Call of Juarez is out

I spent the last few hours fiddling with this game. DX9 mode runs flawlessly in SLI and at a decent framerate for me in Vista. DX10 mode gives me some problems however. First, the SLI bars do not show up when I run it. For some reason the game does not seem to register full screen mode correctly because if I go into the video settings and change the game from full screen off and then back to on the SLI bars show up. Once I load a level I can tell the performance gain from SLI but as soon as I get to a checkpoint area where the game loads the next section, it hangs about 3/4 of the way through and the game stops responding. I have to disable SLI in the control panel to get the game to run without any lockups or other issues but I obviously notice a performance hit this way. I hope Nvidia releases some newer drivers to address SLI in this game as I do no have issues with anything else, including the DX10 Lost Planet demo so that makes me think its a driver issue. I am using the 158.45 driver by the way.
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