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I'll say it again: Nvidia could maybe add support for this, but there is just no incentive for them to do so. If you want it, you'll need to pay lots of money to buy developer time from nvidia. Then again, maybe it's not possible at all because, as pe1chl said, nvidia may not get a license provide this in the linux driver.

I think you should start looking for a non-linux solution for your problem.

Originally Posted by pe1chl
But recent versions like Vista have the capability to accept only signed drivers and other signed software and verify that an entire chain of sofware is untampered before working.
This has already been circumvented. And it will always be possible to circumvent it, until TPM chips come into play. And even then, people will figure out workarounds, you just can't put a lid on a generic machine that's capable of running anything.
This whole "protected video path" nonsense is defective by design, just like any form of DRM.

Originally Posted by pranay
the weak link is player to display signal connection
There will always be a weak link somewhere, DRM simply can't work.

Originally Posted by xwred1
It seems to me like just being able to put out an image at the proper res on an hdmi cable would be useful. Even if you'll never watch a Bluray or HDDVD disk on the thing.
I bet someone out there wishes he could plug his Linux box into his hdtv w/ hdmi.
This is already possible today. You can even watch Blu-Ray or HD-DVD, because AACS has already been broken.
decrypthd /dev/scd0 /mnt/hddvd/ FEATURE_1.EVO -o | mplayer -demuxer mpegps -vc ffvc1 -
There you go. DecryptHD and more info are available at the forums.
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