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Originally Posted by pranay
Agreed and I am not saying a full HDCP chain is possible today on Linux but that should not stop me from outputting full-res HDCP encrypted DVI signal. Consider a Set Top Box equivalent using PC hardware. There are alternate means of securing the content inside the box, I want to force the graphics card to add HDCP on the output... I should be able to do it.
I have read the entire thread again and I see I missed some crucial information in posting #13 that explains your intentions.

However, the argument probably remains the same: no license to implement HDCP outside specific platforms, so no go.
I agree with you and others that it is a futile attempt to secure content, because there will always be a hack, but the content providers think that by heavily licensing the entire thing (also seemingly unimportant parts like HDCP) they can keep control.
And probably this has some merit: as Linux is becoming more mainstream and distributors are now respectable companies instead of only groups of hobbyists, it is becoming more practical to keep things under control via licenses and law-based restrictions. Someone could implement HDCP but as soon as it would be part of a distribution by Novell, IBM, Nvidia or another big company they can use the legal system to combat it, or they can at least try. Even when the code remains available but is not included in any mainstream product, the large group of "followers" will no longer be able to play.

An example of the results of the licensing system: the new (and I think still not available) Linux-based HD DVB receiver from Dream Multimedia has no HDCP support either. They are unable to obtain a license. And as they distribute hardware, they cannot afford to sell unlicensed things as their merchandise will be forfeit by customs.
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