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Default Re: 100.14.09 with 8600GT - random lockups

Max, I am having similar issues and think I am experiencing the same bug. I upgraded from FC6 to F7 and with the upgrade came a change from nvidia 97xx series drivers from livna to the newer 100.14.09 drivers also from livna. I am running a 5500FX card (older but good enough). Like you, everything is fine with the 100.14.09 until the screen is reset, for example compiz is running then starting beryl it does a redraw and X freezes immediately. No more keyboard but mouse still moves around over frozen screen. This isn't just loading beryl because if I stick with compiz, it runs OK for a while until something else invokes a redraw of the screen. Then the same freeze happens. So I loaded the old 9762 nvidia driver still available from livna for F7 and now everything is rock solid. So I will be staying with the old 9762 driver I guess until this gets fixed in the 100.x.x series.

All this to say that even with a different distro, different card etc., I am seeing what seems to be the same problem. I would suggest to find the old 9762 nvidia driver. If you do, please let me know if it fixes everything as it did for me.

Mr. NVIDIA developer, I am willing to go quite a distance to help you get this fixed if you want to work with me. Please fix this... :-)
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