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I think people are getting carried away with 3dmark03, including nvidia, and that is because most of the websites now quote it even though it has little relevance on todays games.

It's the future, but it's not now.

For instance, the FX 5200 plays DX9 games. The GF4 4200 only does up to DX8 games. What are we playing now so what should you buy now ? Fiorget about futureproofing, there used to be 6 month cycles and actually now there are 3 month cycles, although people keep saying 24 month cycles ( not when there is a two horse race and 0.09 micron coming along there isn't).

Compare the 3dmark2001, mainly DX7 with one DX8 game, score for 4200 and 5900 on the orb. Ok a lot of overclockers use the 4200 but even so it is 18000 v 10 000.

3dmark2001 seems to have been forgotten in all this but it is a great benchmark currently and shows you at least some cpu capping on gpu scores.

3dmark03 at the moment is more for the league tables IMHO. I should know, I am an active competitor.


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