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Originally posted by vampireuk
Nothing at all, I am very impressed with it. Unfortunatly though NVIDIA's rep will be tainted after this, I'm not sure what effect (if any) this will have on their sales of the 5900.

Big a bunch of over dramatic ATI lovers won't buy an nVidia card .... So What's New?!?

This whole thing is dumb if you ask me. I think I will take a break from all these hardware sites for awhile. It seems like they have all turned into a bad boring soap opera. I remember the TNT Voodoo2 days when I would buy every card out there and benchmark all the games I played and look at the IQ for myself and it was fun. No FM with their BS 3DMark, no hardware review sites with their biased BS and no company PR garbage. I would buy the best from both competitors and keep the best based on the games I liked to play.

I just sold all my nVidia and ATI stock because I am tired of their bs. I just want to play games. I will buy an ATI 9800pro 256mb and a nVidia 5900 Ultra 256mb when I can get em and do my own damn tests and sell the one that I feel is the poorer overall performer.

JUST LIKE THE OLD DAYS!! Gaming and computer building should be fun... not the obsessive bickering and finger pointing that has been going on lately.
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