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Default Re: Problems with NVIDIA 100.14.09 on OpenSuSE x86-64

Originally Posted by rjpa123 ...this thread has some good information.

Same Cedega problem.

AA is broken in 100.14.09 --- Can somebody confirm this?
What I've found with Cedega 6.0 and the Nvidia drivers are:

9755 - AA on (In say HL2) I get tearing when I enable it. (Can't see anything properly)
100.14.09 - With AA on, it inverts the game.. Turn it off, it's normal again.

So for now I leave AA off, so I can play the game... (Using the 10.14.09 drivers)

In Doom3 (Native) I actually get a FPS boost of 10-15fps.. With the 100.14.09 drivers, with doom3's default timedemo.

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