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Originally posted by John Reynolds
Yeah, I should behave myself but it's just annoying as hell to watch fanboys act like PR goons with stock options.
John, maybe you should have a word first with the people who go to Beyond3d where butter wouldn't melt in their mouths and then come over to nvnews and turn into complete assholes

It doesn't take a Brain of Britain to realise that a lot of the defensive comments over here are exactly that because people are getting rather sick and tired of being lectured to as if they are numbskulls and like being talked down to.

Joe Defuria is a typical case of this, on beyond3d with his " peers" he is Dr. Jekyll and over here he immediately becomes Mr Hyde. Luckily he is easy to send packing with facts to beat off his convolusions, but the point still stands.

By the way, build 330 still lets nVidia inflate their score in earlier versions of the drivers, so that build still doesn't level the field

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