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Originally posted by Sazar

/me runs special optimized coding involving maths to render a result that is faster and shows things the way I want them to be seen since I am l33t and everything I say is the way it should be... no one else has the right to have standardized mathematics operations... ONLY ME...

/me does ( 5000 * nvidia PR bs ) == a gazillion dollars a year

OMG... thats something like hundreds of thousands of dollars a year... there is NO WAY I am going to pay that since it is such a large amount and no one is really going to check up on my maths coz it is OPTIMIZED and therefore it is THE way to do things...

so there...

right and it is a gazillion dollars for a program that is irrelevant because I said so since my product sux0r @ doing anything @ speed involving dx9 specs... but that CAN'T possibly be the reason I am upset... because my engineers buggered up or our plan was buggered... no possible way... I am l33t... have worlds best drivers... NO WAY can I POSSIBLY be wrong...

there is a conspiracy... I am the victim... who cares if I have the largest market share... I am definitely the victim.. in fact there is a dog pi$$ing outside my door (reference to dog in "as good as it gets")...

I am innocent... I did things correctly... honest... I'll take an 'optimized' lie detector test as well to prove it..

DANG it.. I am l33t... I AM NOT CHEATING... I am OPTIMIZING...
Don't forget that a lot of the 3dmark consumers actually want optimisations.


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