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Default Re: Nvidia driver under 7.0-CURRENT. . .

i am new here and i was just going to write to freebsd-current maillist about the problem.

I have installed FreeBSD 7 current i386
i got nvidia 7900gs pci-e
and after installed xorg + gnome2 i got theese restarts. my machine also reboots when i try ctrl-alt-f1 (or any f).
i also have tried to install the nvidia-driver with and without agp, but in both cases the problem with restarts still exists.
i have installed nvidia driver from the ports.

Originally Posted by zander
I removed the patch I posted in my #17 comment in favor of the one attached to this post. If you're currently using e.g. 1.0-9746 with the old patch, it is recommended that you reinstall 1.0-9746 with the updated patch.
now here i become confused.
As i look at the Makefile in the port x11/nvidia-driver i see:

NVVERSION?= 9746 # The latest version to date

.if ${NVVERSION} == 7184
EXTRA_PATCHES+= ${FILESDIR}/6113-patch-lib::Makefile

so does it mean that the patch is already included in the port???

i would like to rebuild the driver now, but not sure which one to use.
do i use the one from the portstree x11/nvidia-driver or may be i should download
in any cases i have to apply zander's patch, but how do i apply it ?

I have tried installing newer versions of driver from nvidia's site but it cant be done. i got error something like "not compatible with freebsd 7 current".

need a little help please!
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