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Default tried New 40.41 drivers

tried the new drivers and odd games have improved a lot with more graphic detail being drawn but others got problems with playing dark

Athlon xp 1700
Geforce 2 pro 64mb
256mb PC2100 DDR
Hercules Fortissmo 2

Grand Prix 4 - More graphics being drawn and slightly smoother fps

Unreal Tournament - Dark graphics and turned brightness up nearly full and no improvement, fps wise simular to before but felt slightly jerky odd times

Quake 3 demo - Ran timedemo 1 and got same fps as before 176.9fps

3Dmark 2001 se - gained 50 marks to 4551 from 4500 with 30.82 drivers.

Not tried anymore games, if Nvidia sort the problems out people having with dark graphics and get the smoothness back from 30.82 drivers these will serious rock in score and games.

So back to 30.82 drivers for me
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