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Originally posted by vampireuk
I think after this fiasco it will end soon, I wouldn't be suprised if some heads are rolling over all this The last few times they have been caught it seems not much happened. This time around there has been a huge amount of coverage on this. I'm personally hoping they pull their damn pants back up and get back in the game
here's to hoping m8

but I can't really imagine whats going on..

most publicity is good.. this is not because ati has been getting a lot of POSITIVE feedback even in light of their statement concerning 3dmark03... while @ the same time nvidia has been geting the short end of the stick... if it was only nvidia getting publicity it would not hurt as bad but with ati getting free press... hell yah its not good for nvidia...

btw indio... there will likely be additional expenses to the $400million invested into the nv3x lineup (or FX gpu's) to make changes... I can't for the life of me see nvidia going ahead with more gpu's with broken pixel and vertex shaders... and not expecting to keep falling behind in terms of nextgen tech...
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