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Originally Posted by tld
Right now I'm using a 1080i Modeline, but I have deinterlacing enabled in MythTV. 1080i content is tolderable like that but definately not great.
Which deinterlacing algorithm are you using? Bob simply doesn't work for me since I can't double my refresh rate. Linear and kernel were 'okay', but had obvious problems.

Originally Posted by tld
Are you using 720p all the time?

The mythtv -vid branch lets you micro-manage your resolutions so one could use that branch to allow scenarios where you could use a 1080i modeline when the content to be played was < 1080i and use a 720p modeline when the content was 1080i. It's just another workaround though. I run bleeding edge, trunk, mythtv. I don't know that I'm quite ready to make the leap to using the -vid branch.
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