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i think they they felt that if they were caught, they could just throw it out the window and say "well we arent a futuremark beta partner, so its all bugs"

i mean, they really had no option but to cheat. their nv30 wasnt up to snuff in 3dmark03... they for sure arent gonna claim a card is the greatest that ever lived, delay it for 5 months, then bring it out, and it gets defeated by the #1 benchmark that people use to judge systems... it just looks really, really, really bad. how much you wanna bet that part of the reason it was delayed so much is because of the driver team?

remember, huang said he didnt want the nv30 to ship until it could compete with the r300.... since they had no option left, they overclocked the hell out of it, and cheated in 3dmark03.
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